A.I. to augment contact center operators

Conversational virtual agents powered by artificial neural networks

Plugs into existing inside sales and support channels

Augment or even replace contact center operators

Bots can handle routine cases


Bot answers routine questions, escalates complex ones to humans


Gathers information, fills order forms, may pass to humans for closing

Surveys, claims, appointments, orders, questionnaires – any forms – filled interactively, in natural language

Telecom, ecommerce, financial services, healthcare, travel, HR, recruitment – any domain or industry

Omni-channel chat

Integrates into any text-based conversational channels: website and in-app live chat, SMS, email and messengers

Integrates with contact center solutions

Can act fully autonomously, in self-service channels, or in tandem with agents, by providing them with suggestions

Powered by artificial neural network

Creating bots requires virtually no traditional coding.

The network is trained on past conversations between live agents and users.

It learns how to emulate the agents.


Alterra FAQ bot

Bot that answers questions

Fully autonomous – no humans needed

Convert static FAQ files to a question answering bot

Appears in a widget on your website
More about FAQ bot >

  • Features

  • - Stop wasting your website traffic
  • - Convert visitors to customers
  • - A bot that answers questions – about your products, about your company
  • - Users may ask questions in their own words
  • - Search by meaning, not keywords
  • - Artificial neural network inside
  • - More accurate than Google custom search engine and other FAQ search solutions
  • - Humans may train the neural network, to make it even more accurate
  • - Increase sales: users who quickly find answers to their product questions are more likely to stay and convert
  • - Deflect support calls

Alterra for contact centers

A.I. to augment live agents

Plugs into existing inside sales and support channels

Augments or, in simple cases, replaces live agents

  • Features

  • - Bots can handle routine cases
  • - Escalates complex cases to humans
  • - Answers frequently asked questions
  • - Gathers information from users
  • - Fills order forms; then completes transactions
  • or passes to humans for closing
  • - Fills forms: surveys, claims, appointments – interactively, in natural language.
  • - Powered by deep artificial neural networks
  • - Creating a bot requires virtually no traditional coding.
  • - The network is trained on past conversations between live agents and users.
  • - Bots can act fully autonomously or in tandem with agents
  • - If the confidence score is high the bot may act on itself
  • - Otherwise, it will provide suggestions to agents, to select, approve and customize
  • - Complex cases requiring troubleshooting are escalated to humans
  • - Integrates with existing agent desktop and CRM solutions
  • - Integrates into text-based conversational channels such as website and in-app live chat, email, SMS, and messengers

Messenger bots

Chatbots that can chat

White-label chatbots for Facebook, Slack, Skype and other messengers.

Conversational interface; random access navigation.

Example – a travel agent bot: http://m.me/alterra.cc

  • Features

  • - Intelligent virtual agents (chatbots)
  • - Conversational user interface: understands natural language
  • - Can function without on-screen buttons and menus (though they may be utilized, to ease typing)
  • - Random access navigation: bot keeps the context and lets users go back to add or change selections
  • - Omni-channel: Facebook, Slack, Skype, Telegram and other messengers; SMS
  • - Fully autonomous: no humans needed
  • - Integrates directly with transactional back-ends, to fetch data and complete transactions
  • - White-labeled
  • - Bot-as-a-service
  • - Powered by deep artificial neural networks
  • - Creating a bot requires virtually no traditional coding

Alterra travel

Virtual travel agents

Sell flights and hotels, and recommend
destinations, all in natural language

  • Features

  • - Sell travel via email or chat
  • - Virtual travel agents for travel management companies and old-school travel agencies
  • - Fully autonomous: replaces live travel agents
  • - Integrates directly with GDSs and booking engines
  • - Understands natural language
  • - Powered by deep artificial neural networks
  • - Pre-trained for selling flights and hotels – just rebrand and go
  • - Can also recommend destinations for leisure travel
  • - Omni-channel: email, SMS, live chat, messengers
  • - See it in action: http://m.me/alterra.cc

A.I. as a service

All goods Alterra, via API

APIs exposing Alterra’s Deep Learning AI algorithms

  • Available APIs:

  • 1. FAQ search and chatbot
    Free-text search for FAQs, help centers, forums, manuals...
    A chatbot that answers straightforward questions. If the answer is in the FAQ file it shall be able to answer it.

  • 2. Alterra Travel: sell flights and hotels, in chat
    The API takes free-form user query, extracts all parameters such as locations, dates, target prices, class of service, amenities, etc. and returns them in a structured form. Clients may pass these structured queries to GDSs or their booking engines. The API also returns rich text to be displayed to the users. (Pre-trained RNN inside – no further training required.)

  • 3. Destination recommendation engine
    Recommends leisure travel destinations by activities or themes, aka Pandora for travel (e.g. 7 day vacation for two in unspoiled nature, with good biking)
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  • 4. Slot filling with RNN
    Like Alterra Travel but for other verticals. Transforms free-text user queries to structured ones. Fills out forms via chat, with infinite context, random access navigation, etc. Requires training on past agent-user conversation logs.

  • 5. Dates parsing
    Extract dates from free text; returns them in a structured form (e.g. what if we go there next Sunday morning and return between Nov 11 and 13 ). More comprehensive and accurate than most other solutions on the market.
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