Company is a Deep Learning / NLP startup that developed technology for building conversational virtual agents powered by artificial neural networks. They plug into existing inside sales and support channels, augmenting or even replacing contact center operators. They are capable of handling routine cases while escalating more complex ones to humans.

Virtually no traditional coding is required – just feed a training corpus of recorded conversations between live agents and users into the neural network. It learns how to emulate humans.

The team

Lena Merkulova

Lena adores outdoor activities, especially rock climbing and hiking, and likes to make computers do what she wants. Before Alterra she worked at ABBYY, one the world’s leaders in OCR and machine translation. Lena graduated with MS in CS and Applied Math from Moscow State University and then Yandex School of Data Analysis, a grad school of Information Retrieval run by “the Google of Russia”.

Denis Golomazov, PhD

Denis is a computer scientist from Moscow State University, where he received his PhD in CS, working on learning ontologies and using them to manage scientific metadata. His hobbies are films, board games, football (soccer), snowboarding and personal productivity.

Vasil Yaroshevich

Vasil has been multitasking as a software developer at Yandex, CS Lecturer at Moscow State University, teacher at a STEM magnet school for gifted children, and start-up entrepreneur. And he has still had cycles for his many hobbies including travel, running, juggling, and hiking. Vasil graduated with MS in CS and Applied Math from Moscow State University.

Max Ushakov

Max loves solving unsolvable problems using data and computers, as well as exploring things. After work, he's a traveler, photographer, home workshop dweller, and a father. Before Alterra he worked at Google on Maps, Shopping, Search quality, and NLP. He graduated with MS in Mathematics from Moscow State University.

Sergei Burkov, PhD

Sergei has traveled across the world, from Chile to Alaska, from the Alps to South Africa, to pursue his passion for skiing and ocean-going windsurfing. Between the trips, he authored ~40 papers in physics and co-founded and led four startups, including Invincible (acquired by VASCO Data Security) and Dulance, a long tail product search engine. The latter was acquired by Google, where he became the first head of its Moscow, Russia, R&D Center.

Ivan Lysov

Ivan makes sure all systems are in order and working smoothly. And while the computers are humming he enjoys kayaking, canoe polo, cross-country skiing, and rock climbing. He graduated with MS in applied math and physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Anna Kaminski

Anna is a freelance travel writer who spends most of her time on the road, doing guidebook research for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Trailblazer, covering destinations as diverse as Chile, Vietnam, Russia and Norway.